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11 Facts That May Change The Way You Look At The World

The world can seem a large and overwhelming place at times. When problems mount up on us and the everyday pressures of life get a little too much, it can be useful to look at things from a new perspective. Be it the big existential questions, or changing the way we look at the everyday, both can be valuable in gaining a new frame of reference when the going gets tough. This list will give you a new perspective on things, as well as some handy facts that, chances are, you never knew.

1. Adding salt to a pineapple makes it sweeter (just in case it isn’t sweet enough already)

2. The inventor of the chocolate chip cookie sold her recipe to Nestle in exchange for a lifetime supply of chocolate. I think she’s probably a fan of the sweet stuff 

3. Did you know that M&M’s were originally made for soldiers in WWII who wanted chocolate that didn’t melt in hot conditions?

4. You’re on first name terms with Barbie – her full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts 

5. Chinese takeaway boxes are designed to be folded out into plates – handy, right?

6. Tonic water actually glows in the dark when back-lit – cheap lighting solutions for your flat

7. Your PIN number was initially intended to be six digits long. The inventor changed it to four digits as his wife told him she couldn’t remember any more than that

8. Presuming you change your mattress every 10 years, it will double in weight over its lifetime due to dust mites 

9. The T-shirt we know and love today was invented in the early 1900’s for single young men who did not know how to sew

10. A bar code reader is actually reading the white parts, not the black

11. It is not known who owns the patent for the fire hydrant, as the patent office which owned the records burnt down. Which is ironic. 

Some heartwarming, useful, novel and potentially life-improving facts for you, then, which will alter the way you look at some of the little things in life, or, at the very least, give you a good “Did you know” conversation starter with that person you sit opposite at work but don’t know very well.


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