23 Deceptive Packaging Ideas That Aren’t What They Appear To Be

There’s more to us than meets the eye.

1. This popsicle KNIFE.

This popsicle KNIFE.

2. This slice of cheese that CLEANS.

3. Pizza…CONDOMS!!

4. These fruity TOILET PAPER rolls.

These fruity TOILET PAPER rolls.

5. These TEA-shirts.

6. These slices of Kleenex.

7. These revealing ‘snaps.’

8. These frosted shirtcakes.

9. This fruits and veggie CONDOM machine.

10. These NOTEBOOK slices.

11. This medicine TEA set.


12. These forecast TAMPONS.

13. These “TEA-shirt hangers.”

These "TEA-shirt hangers."

14. These super charged ~ions.~

These super charged ~ions.~

15. These juice box RUBBERS.

These juice box RUBBERS.

16. These crystal shard CHOCOLATES.

17. These meditative PERFUME bottles.

18. These battery cell SALT & PEPPER shakers.

These battery cell SALT & PEPPER shakers.

19. These diamond NOTEPADS.

20. This wooden puzzle JEWELRY box.

21. These shumai TEA dumplings.

22. This PANTONE rubix cube.

This PANTONE rubix cube.

23. These cans of IMMATERIAL goods.

Source: Buzzfeed


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