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32 Adorably Messy Dogs Who Definitely Did NOT Play In The Mud (Or So They Claim)

It’s impossible to count all the ways our sweet puppy pals can make messes during their adorable little lives. Nothing is safe from their playful paws…and they never really seem to grow out of it.

But it’s hard to be mad at them when they stare back at you with those big, round eyes. Even when those eyes are more difficult to see behind all the dirt and mud.

1. “I’m just growing a mustache…and socks.”

2. “Yeah, I don’t even feel bad.”

3. Someone just spotted his next mud mission.

4. “Just look how it brings out my eyes!”

5. “What do you think of my new look?”

6. “Fine, I’ll rinse off out here.”

7. “Oh…you’re home early.”

8. You gotta give him points for keeping his snout mostly clean.

9. “There’s more over here, guys!”

10. “It’s good for my pores.”

11. His face says “I’m so ashamed,” but his tail says “I can’t wait to do this again as soon as possible.”

12. He wasn’t quite quick enough with the camouflage.

13. “They’re beauty marks, I swear.”

14. “Check out my new boots!”

15. “Heh, this is nothing.”

16. “Oh these? These are just freckles!”


18. “Don’t worry, I got enough to share.”

19. “Mom! I fixed the garden for you!”

20. “I’m still a good boy, right?”

21. He wanted to try on a new pattern for size.

22. “Good luck getting me into the bath.”

23. “I have never felt more handsome.”

24. He just realized what this means…bath time.

25. “We had a contest at the dog park. I won!”

26. “I refuse to acknowledge I did anything wrong.”

27. “Nah, there’s no mud here! You’re imagining things!”

28. “Uh…I was just…making you a pie!”

29. She looks like ice cream dipped in chocolate.

30. “Please let me go back! I barely got a topcoat.”


32. At least he’s a gentleman about it.

At least he's a gentleman about it.

You would think they’d learn that this always ends in an evil bath, but their silly doggy brains just can’t seem to help themselves.

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