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6 Beautiful cartoons that say I Love My Mother the most and honors them

A mother is as close as we will ever get to seeing god himself. A mother not only endures nine months of pain to give birth, but then devotes all of her life in raising the kid the correct way. Raising kids is not an easy task and you can ask your mother and father what pains you gave them when you were young. So it is just nice and correct to honor them for all their sacrifices and troubles and what better than these 6 cartoons to honor your mom.

There for you 24X7

A mom will always be there for you. It doesn’t matter if you need her smack in middle of the night or early in morning or in afternoon, a mom will always have time to listen to every word you say. Even if it means that you have to go pee in middle of night and are afraid to go alone, she will be there to take you to the washroom and take you back to your bed and tuck you in.

superhero mom

Doesn’t mind the abuse

Handling babies is not everyone’s cup of tea. Even new moms find it hard to control a hyperactive kid that is constantly seeing new things everywhere and is busy pulling your hair, scratching at your face and doing anything it pleases. But moms don’t mind any of that and love you no matter what you do.

Mothers love

Mothers are the most patient people on Earth

It doesn’t matter for a mom how long you take to learn a new thing, they will wait for you to finish it. They will teach you one thing hundreds of time until you get it right. They will help you in anything you ask them. Though they will scold you or even hit you, but they will be patient with you while you make mistakes in order to learn a new thing in life under her supervision.

Mothers are the most patient people on Earth

They know how to have fun

They know how to entertain you and will do everything possible to keep you happy. They will play any game with you, make your favorite food and even tolerate your mischief unless you are happy and not causing harm to anyone else. But they also know how to let it go and become a kid with you to enjoy themselves along with you.

Multitalanted mother

It’s hard to work with kids nearby

One thing for sure is it is almost impossible to work with kids around you. Half of your concentration is on the kid and what the kid is upto and rest of the focus is on your work. The moment you open your computer for work, one kid might want to check their mails, some kid would want to watch videos on YouTube and some kid would be happy just to press random buttons on the computer. All this takes excellent time management and diverting the attention of the kids away from your work, if mom needs to finish her work on time.

work with kids

They miss the kids

But after all a mom is a mom. No matter how relieved they are when kids grow up and start going to school or college, they will always miss you because now they have lots of time on their hands and they are not constantly busy as they were before. They get so used to be busy all the time and on call for any of your need, that when they get even 2-3 hours to themselves, they spend it thinking what to do with that time and as time passes, they settle in a schedule. But they will always miss you.

they miss the kids


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