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A NASA Live Feed Cut Out Moments After Six UFO’s Appeared

Since humankind’s first ground-breaking foray into the vast nothingness of space, we have held a deep-rooted fascination with the possibility of alien life forms existing in our galaxy; similar living, breathing, communicating sentient beings not unlike ourselves here on Earth.

The quest for proof of extraterrestrial forms of life has led to countless conspiracy theories and reported sightings, as well as inspiring science fiction writers the world over. In short, we are fascinated with space and the secrets it might hold.

Probably the most famous UFO ‘sighting’ to this day is the Roswell incident. In 1947, UFO hunters claimed to have seen the US military capture an alien spacecraft. The military say that the object was, in reality, a surveillance device used on a classified operation.

Now, keen UFO hunters and conspiracy theorists have become excited over a NASA feed which shows six large objects moving past the International Space Station. Alien hunter Tyler Glockner, of Secure Team 10, is excited by the footage, “We have about six UFOs passing behind, and judging from the distance, I would guess that the size of these objects, whatever they are, would be fairly large.”

“Much larger than NASA’s typical excuse of ice particles, we must be looking at icebergs.”

Unfortunately, the video seems to cut out at a key moment, which will no doubt stoke the fire amongst those convinced that the objects are UFOs.


Nigel Watson, who wrote the UFO Investigations Manual, is less convinced, “The constant ‘sightings’ of UFOs near the ISS are mainly due to reflections and space junk, and it is down to wishful thinking that images sent back from the space station are of alien craft.” Well, that seems pretty conclusive.

It won’t stop conspiracy theorists from believing that information is being held back from us in the public, though, and doubtless further videos coming back from the International Space Station in the future will serve as continued proof to those that believe.

Since 2014, when NASA began a constant stream from the ISS, the organisation has had to rebuff conspiracy theorists’ claims that the feed shows evidence of alien life or UFOs; especially since the footage usually shows nothing more than the dark emptiness of space, so when something does show up, inevitably it becomes more exciting. The feed has been known to cut out every now and then.

Personally, I struggle to pick out a star formation on a clear night, so I’m going to keep out of the debate on this one, and let the experts do their thing.


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