After boiling Potato Peels in water, she applies it to her hair. Find out why

Premature graying affects several thousand people worldwide. Although gray hair is a sign of aging, premature graying on the other hand could be the several other reasons, genetics being one of them.

Premature graying can be very traumatic for young a person which is why there are several home remedies such as potato peel water for gray hair that can prevent it. This is an effective remedy against premature aging which you can try to arrest the condition.

Chemical hair dyes can damage hair

While hair dyes can cover up grey hair from a cosmetic point of view, It doesn’t eradicate the problem. Moreover chemical hair dyes can damage your hair and even worsen your problem. One of the best remedies for premature graying is using a mixture of potato skin and water to rinse your hair.

The mixture of potato skin and water possess the ability to darken your hair naturally. Potato skin contains properties beneficial for hair growth and prevention of ageing. Read on how to make this.

Chemical hair dyes can damage hair

Ingredients you will need to make potato peel water for grey hair

  • Potato skins from 6 potatoes
  • Boiling water
  • Essential oil

The method:

Peel the potatoes and place the peels in a pot of water. Boil for 20 minutes. Now let the mixture cool and then strain into another bowl. You can store this water by keeping it covered with a lid. For an enhanced effect you can add some essential oils beneficial for hair to the mixture such as lavender or rosemary.

potato peel water for grey hair

The process

Wash your hair with regular shampoo, then massage the potato peel water into your hair rinsing your hair with it. Do not rinse your hair again with water after doing this. Instead add some conditioner to your hair and style when it is dry. Follow the procedure twice or thrice a week.

Potato Peel water for gray hair may not darken your hair entirely but it will certainly darken the stray individual strands that are highlighted in darker locks. You can store the remaining liquid in a fridge for future use.

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