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‘Catch Me Outside’ Girl Has Her Instagram Hacked And Creepy Message Posted

In the fickle world of internet fandom, one teenage girl stands out from the rest. By now, you’ve probably heard about Danielle Bregoli and her hilarious appearance on the Dr. Phil Show — and her “catch me outside, how about that?” catchphrase has sprouted official merchandise and an unofficial music video for a Kodak Black song, as well as pages upon pages of memes.Of course, YouTube stardom in this sense usually burns bright and fades quickly, so in the intervening weeks, you could be forgiven for paying less attention to Danielle Bregoli after her arrests and second appearance on the Dr. Phil Show. If you have, however, checked out the Catch Me Outside Girl’s Instagram page in the past day or so, you’ll have noticed something really weird going on. Danielle’s page seems to have been hacked, and the hacker in this question seems to be more than just a bored troll.It’s not uncommon for celebrities to have their social media accounts hacked. Back in summer of 2016, a slew of celebrities had their Twitter accounts compromised, including Drake, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Black, as well as the official NFL page.In that instance, the hacker in question, known as J5Z, wanted to warn celebrities about securing their accounts, and left messages on their pages saying he wasn’t “trying to cause any harm”, but Danielle Bregoli’s hack seems a little more sinister.

While it’s not uncommon for regular people such as Danielle to shoot to fame over an inadvertent catchphrase, the nature of her rise to prominence is frowned upon by some sections of society. In the last 24 hours, a hackers’ clan known as Face Security Group appear to have taken over Danielle’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, and on Instagram, Face Security Group have released a series of posts that have gone out to her 7.4 million followers.


The video is the first of three posted on Danielle Bregoli’s account, as a distorted voice criticises American society for making the 13-year-old a “modern day celebrity”, ending with an ominous “pay close attention to what happens next”. The second video sees Face Security Group, who appear to have members hailing from Russia, Korea, Japan and Iceland, promise a series of leaks, saying they have “stood by idly and observed” for too long. The third video features nothing but an upside-down American flag, plus a countdown from 19 hours.Following on from the idea of a modern day celebrity, Face Security Group posted a picture depicting the rise of Danielle Bregoli alongside another 13-year-old, Tanishq Abraham, who has three college degrees and has been accepted to two universities, accompanied by little to no fanfare in American media. Finally, the latest post by Face Security Group is the most ominous: a logo for the hackers’ clan, plus a time: 1700 hours, Reykjavik, Iceland.At this point, although the motives behind the hack are clear, the details of Face Security Group’s leaks are less so (with only an upside-down American flag to go on). Coming hot on the heels of WikiLeaks’ data dump involving the CIA and MI5, I’ll be waiting for 5pm Reykjavik time with bated breath.


Source: Viral Thread

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