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Chris Hemsworth Crashes Couples Wedding Photos And It’s Absolutely Glorious

Chris Hemsworth is, quite rightly, enjoying a bit of down time at the moment. Following a hectic few weeks in Los Angeles attending the Academy Awards, the Thor star has been seen spending quality time with his wife and three children in his native Australia

The Hemsworth family recently moved to Byron Bay from Los Angeles, California, and have been sharing numerous snaps of the local area on his Instagram account. The Hollywood actor has also made no secret of his surfing hobby, and has been spotted showing his children around Byron Bay and the surrounding areas.Being the kind-hearted soul that he is, Chris Hemsworth was more than happy to pose for a few photographs with a newly-wed couple. They chose to have their wedding photos taken on the same beach that Chris Hemsworth was surfing at with his family.

Anneka Macke and Kent Brayden Donaldson, from Perth, had just got married in Byron Bay, Australia, when they strolled onto the beach for a few wedding photographs. After all, Byron Bay is beautiful and would provide the perfect backdrop for a few pictures.As photographs were being taken, the bridal party recognised Chris Hemsworth surfing with his wife and children. They plucked up the courage to ask for a few photos, and the Thor star happily obliged. The couple told that: “It was Chris Hemsworth on the beach and he [the best man] was like, ‘Hey, do you think you could get a photo with the bride and groom?’ And he said, ‘No worries’”. According to Anneka, he was “pretty cool, calm and collected and he seemed pretty laid back.”The bride, Anneka, admitted that at first, she did not recognise the Hollywood actor. Speaking to, she told them: “I was wondering, ‘Why we were getting a photo with a random person?’ I was saying, ‘Who is this person?’ [Kent] was getting embarrassed that I kept asking who this person was and he said, ‘Chris Hemsworth.’”So, what’s their official wedding photo? The one with Chris Hemsworth, of course: “Our wedding photos will now be one of three people instead of one of two. Kent’s favourite wedding photo is the one with Chris Hemsworth.” Having their wedding photographs with Chris Hemsworth is the icing on the (wedding) cake. Cheers to the happy couple.


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