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Donald Trump Just Declared A New Holiday And The Internet Is Freaking Out About It

Just days after the 45th President of the United States admitted that he thought the Presidency “would be easier” than it has been in an interview with Reuters, it seems he’s found a coping mechanism to deal with all the excess stress that the leader of the free world engenders; by announcing a new public holiday.Almost in the immediate aftermath of assuming the Presidency, Trump signed an executive order to implement a ban on travellers from several muslim-majority countries from entering the United States, sparking chaos and confusion at airports across the country. The executive order and its follow up – which was intended as a lite version of the initial ban – were both roundly protested and subsequently blocked in court.

Since then, North Korea has become something of a thumping headache for President Trump, who told Reuters that he missed being able to drive himself around as he used to. Kim Jong-un’s regime has been openly defiant of the United States, issuing repeated warnings to the West over any potential military action on the Korean peninsula.The situation seems to be teetering on the edge of a precipice, and could have disastrous consequences for the rest of the world. Perhaps it is no wonder then that Donald Trump has declared a new holiday for the United States, I think everyone needs a bit of a breather after his astonishingly turbulent first few months in the White House.President Trump has pronounced May 1st as Loyalty Day in accordance with a tradition dating back to President Eisenhower, who initiated the proclamation in 1955. Loyalty Day is not a new concept, however it has rankled some commentators online, largely due to the timing of the announcement, which comes days after it was announced that a new government office named the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) Office had come into being.

Others took a less political approach

While some were keen to point out that it wasn’t a new thing

This user was quick to point out the irony of it all

Meanwhile, President Trump has abruptly ended an interview with a CBS reporter having been pressed for his thoughts on the wiretap allegations he made against the Obama administration; no evidence has been forthcoming to corroborate the President’s remarkable claims.

And on the Korean peninsula, Mr Kim’s regime has pressed on with its missile testing programme with more gusto than ever; NBC reports that the North is “throwing missiles up” in a display of military strength designed to prove its strength as an offensive force.

A diplomatic solution to the ever-escalating Korean standoff is highly desirable – particularly for China – but Trump has warned that a “major, major conflict” is becoming a very real possibility in the face of North Korea’s defiance. The President will hope that his counterpart in China, Xi Jinping, could yet prove effective in tempering Mr Kim through diplomatic means. Whether either man will manage to solve the crisis without resorting to violence remains very much to be seen.

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