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Ellen DeGeneres Just Gave College Scholarships To Entire Class Of High School Seniors

Whether she’s taking one of the greatest selfies of all time or making us laugh and cry in equal measure as the forgetful blue fish Dory, Ellen Degeneres shows us that being famous and being a lovely person aren’t mutually exclusive. Our favourite sneaker-wearing lesbian comedian has been the face of the Ellen Degeneres show since 2003, giving us over a decade of fun interviews, games and dance sessions.

The Ellen Degeneres Show doesn’t have much in common with the other popular talk show that was broadcast in parallel for eight years of its runtime. The Oprah Winfrey show has more of an emotional foundation, discussing issues such as homosexuality and transgenderism, but recently, Ellen Degeneres borrowed one of Oprah Winfrey’s more interesting tendencies on her show: huge displays of philanthropism.

Most people remember the Oprah Winfrey Show as the first program to address transgenderism on a national scale, but as many people remember the program, which runs until 2011, for Oprah’s bizarre and brilliant show of philanthropy, when she gave everyone in the audience for one of her tapings a free car.

Ellen Degeneres shows her kindness in a different fashion to Oprah, but as a former comedian and Hollywood star, she’s not exactly hard for cash, and the beneficiaries of Ellen’s riches were the senior class of 2017 from Summit Academy Charter School in Brooklyn, New York. Ellen posted a video in which she gave each of those high school grads free college tuition for four years. Wow.

Unsurprisingly, these extremely lucky kids are delighted to hear that they’ll be able to start their adult lives without the formidable specter of debt hanging over them. With college tuition fees clearing $30,000 a year in some universities, this might not be much for Ellen, whose net worth is around $340 million, but the donation will change the lives of these young people forever. The only question I have is: where was Ellen when I was going to university?! I could have really used the help.

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