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From Whizzing Fidget Toys to Collectible Glowing Eggs

With summer tantalizingly soon, the May 2017 toys trends make it clear that consumers are yearning for the dog days of lounging in balmy climes. Whether pool toys or outdoor fun more generally, companies are thinking up unique ways for consumers to spend as much time as possible in the sunshine this coming season.

Like the watering holes of sub-Saharan Africa, pools become a communal meeting place during the summer, and pool toys offer outlets to channel that seasonal energy. The Intex ‘Inflat-A-Bull’ is a pool toy designed to be the aquatic equivalent of a mechanical bull, and Big Mouth’s Floating Swim-Up Bar is a tiki bar that consumers can bring to their own backyard pools (rather than having to spend on a luxurious hotel or resort that might have a similar amenity.)

Source: TrendHunter

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