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Guy Gets Nailed In The Throat By A Pigeon While Taking A Ride On A Rollercoaster

Car lovers, start your engines. If you’re obsessed with theme parks, this one’s for you too. A new theme park has opened in Spain, all based on very fast and very sleek cars. The Ferrari Land Theme Park was officially opened to the public on 6 April 2017, and around 1500 fun-lovers were there to break the rides in. Piero Ferrari – the only living son of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari – was also in attendance. Piero Ferrari owns a 10% stake in the company and is currently its vice-chairman.

With attraction names like Flying Dreams, Racing Legends and Ferrari Gallery, it is clear that Ferrari Land is a homage of sorts to the Ferrari brand. It is an entertainment destination aiming to cater to the entire family with its rides, restaurants and shops. The park will also include simulators that will allow visitors to experience driving a Ferrari through Rome, along famous racing circuits or across imaginary futuristic scenes.
The park was opened as part of PortAventura World – a massive entertainment/adventure complex and resort built around PortAventura Park which happens to be the sixth largest theme park in Europe. PortAventura World is also home to PortAventura Caribe Aquatic Park and six hotels. Sounds like Ferrari Land is in great company.

According to the website, Ferrari Land is 70,000 square meters – that’s approximately 753,473 square feet – of “excitement, adrenaline and fun”. They had me at 70,000 square meters. The star attraction of this newly opened theme park is Red Force – Europe’s tallest and fastest roller-coaster. The ground-breaking roller-coaster is believed to have cost approximately £80 million, which is almost $99 million at current currency exchange rate levels.

The entire ride is over in 30 seconds but in that time, riders will be taken to heights of 112 meters (approx. 367 feet) while travelling at speeds of 110 miles per hour. Did I mention you reach this speed within the first five seconds of the ride? YUP. Red Force accelerates from zero to over 100 miles per hour within the first five seconds.

Red Force riders can expect to experience a g-force of 1.35 which is similar to what you’ll get in a Formula One car. You can guarantee you’ll be screaming from the get-go. Unfortunately, one thrill seeker who recently visited Ferrari Land in search of a good time might have ended up screaming for vastly different reasons.

CCTV footage shows the unsuspecting roller-coaster rider suddenly smacked in the neck by a poor pigeon who clearly wasn’t looking where he was flying. The unfortunate bird flew straight into this young man’s neck and gave him quite a fright. The poor guy can be seen looking over to his friend in confusion after being smacked in the neck by a bird flying along on its merry way. It’s clear he has absolutely no idea what has happened to him and the look of confusion on his face is priceless. You can see the video below.

Sadly, all that blood suggests that our frequent flier didn’t make it out of this collision in one piece. It just goes to show that a lot can happen during a Red Force ride. The poor pigeon was gone in 30 seconds.

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