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Guy Makes Horrifying Discovery While Creeping Around Abandoned Funeral Home

We’re still a good few months away from Halloween, so I’m willing to bet you haven’t had a good fright in a while. If you’re currently feeling a strong desire to have your heartbeat set racing, then I’ve got the perfect video for you.This video from YouTuber R Willy reveals how a mausoleum in Bessemer, Alabama was left abandoned for just over two decades.The video reveals how the Memorial Mound on Dartmouth Avenue in Bessemer was left littered with trash and artificial floral arrangements. Once inside, the intrepid social media stars found another casket, which was being stored on an upper level, rotted with fluid stains. No prizes for guessing what was inside.Taking to YouTube, R Willy wrote the following harrowing explanation for the horrifying discoveries made clear in the video:“This funeral home is a below-ground building built in 1992 by C. Booth on a 16-acre site. The floor of the interior of the mound is eight feet below grade, accessed by a wide stairway flanked by fountains. To either side of the chapel area, steel racks were installed with space to stack caskets eight-high. Burial packages included an on-site funeral service, as well as a custom-made video about each person interred, accessible from a public computer terminal.“It is uncertain when this ‘mausoleum’ closed for business and ceased to be maintained. No taxes were paid on the property after Booth’s death in 2009, and the site was left abandoned. After photographs taken by ‘urban explorers’ were publicized online, officials took steps to secure the facility. In total, eight bodies were recovered and this site has now been cleaned and secured.”

If you want to watch the video for yourself, you can check it out below, but please remember that it contains footage a dead bodies. This one is not for the faint of heart, I’m afraid. But you knew that, right?Since the filming of the documentary, guards have now secured the perimeter and implemented a 24-hour security team. Every one of the bodies discovered by R Willy have also been “relocated” to a more traditional cemetery.After the discovery of the bodies was made public, several family members got in touch to claim their deceased’s bodies. At the time, Chief Deputy Coroner Bill Yates said: “We did have one or two families call here, but we made contact with many of them. We didn’t have anybody that was just in the dark. Most of them had heard something from the news.“The general consensus from all of the families is they weren’t prepared for this, and they are trying to determine how to make arrangements. They’re all having difficulty pulling that together.”Memorial Mound opened in 1992 by the now-deceased Clyde Booth, who died in Florida in 2009. According to the Jefferson County Tax Assessor’s Office, no taxes have been paid on the property since his death. It’s still not clear exactly how long the crypt had stood unlocked. But what is clear is that if R Willy had never got exploring with his camera, those poor abandoned bodies may still remain there to this day.

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