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Here’s how to stop your brain from excessive worrying

Van Wilder rightly said that worrying is like a rocking chair which keeps you moving but does not take you anywhere, it saps you off all the positivity and happiness out of your system and leaves you drained and exhausted when it comes to fight the actual battles of life, for which you were busy “worrying” all this time anyways… it’s always a loose- loose battle.

1Why do we need to fight it?

In fact faster we nip this chronic disease the better it is for our well being both physically as well as emotionally. Here are few ways to deal with excessive worrying which can sure prove to be helpful. As it has been medically proven, that excessive worrying cause’s heart conditions, asthma, early aging, decreased sensory perception and even full blown palpitations and anxiety attacks which can be very scary indeed. Even diabetes and cholesterol has been a byproduct of stress and worrying. Here are ways to train your brain from excessive worrying.

Fighting depression

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Write down all your worries in a journal

This is by far the most effective technique to fight that motor brain of yours from stop whizzing at the wrong time. Just get up and write it all down. Every single details of it, leaving nothing out as insignificant, because if you’re thinking about it it’s NOT insignificant.

Scientist have proven that journaling like this immediately relives your brain from constant ruminations and makes a tangible to do list which is way more easier to deal with in out active parts of the day. This way we would not cognitively avoid the problems by just thinking in our brains but would actually do some problem solving too.

Write down all your worries in a journal

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