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Here’s What You Never Noticed About Andy From Toy Story, And It’s A Little Creepy

Has there ever been a better film franchise for children and adults alike than Toy Story? The funny, heart-wrenching, utterly unique set of films captured our imaginations from the very beginning with their universal themes of friendship, love and loyalty.

Andy’s toys, and his relationship with them is the stuff of legend these days; you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know the story of the kid who couldn’t give up his toys, even when he really became far too old to keep playing with them, and still conform to the social norms of his age group.Cue, then, the absolute tear-jerker of an ending to Toy Story 3, that left all of us adults mourning the loss of the innocence of childhood.What many of the most avid Toy Story fans, those who have seen the films a hundred times over, may not have noticed though, is a strange quirk that you’d have to be sharp to pick up on while watching the films. It concerns Andy, the toy owning boy around whom much of the films’ action unfolds.Most of us could probably conjure a picture of Andy in our mind’s eye, but, just for clarity’s sake, here is what the protagonist looks like.Nothing unusual there you might think, and you’d be right, it’s only when we examine some of the other kids’ faces in the films that things start to get a little spooky. Consider now, if you will, this image, which shows some of Andy’s friends from his birthday party.

Examining the image more closely his friends appear strikingly similar to Andy himself, particularly the kid in the yellow cap who might as well be his twin considering how close they are in appearance.We’re not done yet either. Here’s the really spooky bit. The film’s famous antagonist, Sid, who treats toys in an extremely unseemly manner and is basically an object of fear and loathing to all in the world of Toy Story also looks almost identical to Andy. See for yourself.See the resemblance? Pop a pair of braces in his mouth and give him a slightly vacant expression and you transform Andy into Sid. If I just ruined a large portion of your childhood, I sincerely apologise.It has been suggested that the explanation for the similarity in appearances of the characters could have something to do with the fact that the film was shot in the early stages of CGI use, but doubtless this new discovery will spawn a whole host of elaborate and ingenious fan theories.The original Toy Story set the tone for cinematic brilliance that Pixar has largely achieved ever since its original creation. The film company is practically synonymous with box office success coupled with critical acclaim; a heady combination that appears to be increasingly unattainable to many modern film releases.Toy Story 4 is set for release in 2019, although there has been some uncertainty over its official release date. It also appears that Pixar will be reintroducing audiences to characters from another highly successful film in its back catalogue; The Incredibles. The Incredibles 2 is set for release in 2018, with the same writer and director as the original movie.The Incredibles is one of Pixar’s highest grossing box office efforts in the companies history, joining the Toy Story franchise and Finding Nemo as the studio’s most profitable films prior to the release of Nemo sequel Finding Dory.Fans will be hoping that Toy Story 4 will live up to the high standards set by the franchise’s previous sequels, and the huge success of Finding Dory, which was lauded by critics and audiences alike upon its release last year.


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