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Little Girl Makes A Note Of Her Dad’s Meltdowns During The Super Bowl And They’re All Of Us

The Super Bowl is an emotional time for fans of American Football. For fans of the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots, this year’s event was even more emotional. Well, perhaps not for the New England Patriot fans… They’ve probably seen their team in the showcase event more times than they’ve had hot dinners.

This year’s Super Bowl kept viewers on tenterhooks, with the Atlanta Falcons throwing away an 18 point lead in the final quarter to lose the match. Yeah, I’m not sure how they managed it either… For fans of the Falcons, the game was an emotional roller coaster from start to finish, and not in a good way.

One father’s reactions to the game were so explosive that his young daughter chose to write them all down. Thankfully, she focused her observations on the second half of the season-ending game, meaning that she witnessed the biggest meltdown her father had probably ever had in his life. Awkward.

Firstly, she notes down the date – does she do this a lot? Because I’d pay good money to read the rest of these observations. After Lady Gaga’s half time performance, the notes elaborate even more on her dad’s behaviour. Reactions include a lot of screaming between 8:49 and 8:54, with one particular scream “startling me”. Following a “weird commercial”, her dad finds the time to fight with the dog, laugh in an evil manner, become “the happiest man” and shortly after, start crying. Check out the list for yourself below.

This reads just like a zoologist taking notes on an animal in its natural habitat. This girl will be the future David Attenborough, seeing as her research skills have been honed so early on. I feel like this is an accurate representation of watching most sports events; the emotional roller coaster is real people.


Source: Viral Thread

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