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Nokia Is Re-Launching The 3310, AKA The Best Phone Of All Time

Back in the day, the Nokia 3310 was the most epic phone ever. Not only did it have a battery that could last for days, it was also basically indestructible. I’m pretty certain it could be run over by a truck and would still survive. Oh, and Snake. You can’t forget about Snake.

As we entered the mid to late ’00s however, companies like Samsung and Apple began to dominate the phone market. Nokia’s grip started to slip and it eventually withdrew its phones from the market. The days of Snake were dead and buried.

But don’t start tearing up just yet, because Nokia have just made the most exciting announcement of 2017: the 3310 is back. According to newly-leaked reports, the Nokia phone will be making a comeback at the Mobile World Congress in February.

The phone’s expected to be marketed as a back-up handset for those with more battery-intensive everyday phones. Perfect for when your battery’s dead but you still want to play Snake (a situation I find myself in pretty much every day).

The news also made this guy’s 60-something-year-old receptionist incredibly happy about being a trendsetter, which can only be a good thing.

The new model is likely to cost around $62, but it appears it will be limited to Europe for now. If, however, you’re currently sitting there wondering why anyone would even want a phone that doesn’t even have a colour screen, you clearly don’t fully appreciate the joys of having a phone that doesn’t smash to smithereens if you so much as sneeze whilst holding it.


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