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Photographer Shoots Series That Celebrates Old Age And The Results Are Absolutely Stunning

People often think of ageing in negative terms, as a form of loss, and in Western culture particularly we seem to be more and more obsessed with preserving youth at any cost, spending vast proportions of our income on cosmetic surgery, botox, filler and implants, in a desperate attempt to stay wrinkle-free. But maybe we should have a different perspective on old age, and on old people. After all, people are living longer and longer these days, and many more people are going to live to be a century old than the generations that have already gone by.
German photographer Karsten Thormaehlen has made it her mission to celebrate the beauty of the elderly by travelling the world and taking pictures of centenarians. “Beauty as an aesthetic concept is always something that comes from personal experiences. Most of the time it’s seductive and misleading. It comes and goes,” she stated. “In this world it has an ‘expiry date’. I’d rather try to capture inner beauty. For example a person could be one hundred years old, but the way she looks, her eyes, the smile it radiates and you just feel this is and has always been a happy person.”
1. An old couple

2. Smile for the camera

3. The twilight years

4. “What are you looking at?”

5. Still perfectly made-up

6. This guy is like an elderly Mario

7. A gardener at work

8. He looks like my grandad

9. A Sardinian woman

10. A woman with a shawl

11. A woman from Brooklyn

12. What a beautiful smile

13. Staring into the distance

14. A woman from Japan

15. Nice hat

This isn’t the first time that a very, very old person has managed to get a lot of attention on social media. Check out this incredible footage of a 98-year-old woman interrupting a country singer’s routine to give her own spectacular performance.

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