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Police Have Uncovered Final WhatsApp Message Sent By Terrorist Who Attacked Westminster

It doesn’t matter whether you live in Paris, London, New York or downtown Gaza, terrorism – and the threat of random attacks – is something that features heavily in the lives of local people. Recently, we’ve seen policemen fatally attacked in both England and France, in a surreptitious bid to spread fear and division across Europe and the rest of the Western world. As a Londoner who uses public transport regularly, it’s clear that it’s not feasible for people to live in constant fear of terrorist activity, but at the same time, everyone is more watchful and suspicious than they have ever been before.


As you might have seen on the news, London’s most recent terror-related tragedy occurred on 22 March 2017 in Westminster, the home of democracy in the United Kingdom. For those of you who are not aware of the details, Khalid Masood committed a deadly attack which killed five people, including the tragic stabbing of officer PC Keith Palmer, and injured 50 others. Driving a car frantically across Westminster Bridge, Masood mowed down terrified passers-by, before attempting to gain entry to the Houses of Parliament – where MPs were speaking in the House of Commons.

During the moments that followed the incident, Masood was shot and incapacitated by armed police. Since then, the police and MI5 have been trying to ascertain exactly why the suspect chose to perpetrate such a vicious and cowardly attack on the innocent people of London. It seems that minutes before he launched his deadly journey, Masood sent a WhatsApp message which has finally given police a motive for his crimes.
According to the Independent, the atrocity was “waging jihad in revenge against Western military action in Muslim countries in the Middle East.” The recipient of the message, who was of course under suspicion of collusion in the attack, has now been cleared of any wrongdoing by MI5 officers.

After Masood’s mobile phone was retrieved at the scene, the message was apparently uncovered thanks to “human and technical intelligence,” according to security services. Further details cannot be released for obvious security reasons.
In an attempt to gain more information surrounding the horrific attack, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said shortly after the shocking incident: “If you heard from him on 22 March, please come forward now. The information you have may prove important to establishing his state of mind.”

Speaking about the attack, British Prime Minister Teresa May had this to say:
“A terrorist came to the place where people of all nationalities and cultures gather to celebrate what it means to be free. And he took out his rage indiscriminately against innocent men, women and children.
“Mr Speaker, this was an attack on free people everywhere – and on behalf of the British people, I would like to thank our friends and allies around the world who have made it clear that they stand with us at this time.
“What happened on the streets of Westminster yesterday afternoon sickened us all.”
Thankfully, the message has been retrieved and logged by the police, and gives some understanding as to why Masood did what he did on that fateful day. Of course, this does not bring back the five murdered victims, nor does it help the 50 injured.

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