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Professor From That Awkward TV Interview Speaks Out About What Happened

wo weeks ago, if you told Robert Kelly that he, as well as his family, would be internet famous within a matter of days, he probably would have laughed in your face. The associate professor of Pusan National University in South Korea was speaking to the BBC via Skype about the impeachment of South Korean president Park Geun-hye when the interview received some… unexpected participants.Robert Kelly’s Skype conversation with the BBC was gatecrashed by his young family, and in the past few days, the botched interview has proved immensely popular online. It’s generated a view count of around 84 million on the BBC’s Facebook page, and many people have commented on Robert Kelly and his adorable family.In the wake of his sudden and unexpected internet fame, Robert Kelly has broken his silence on the video that’s shot him to online prominence, and this time, he’s returned to the screen with his family for a proper introduction to the Kelly clan.Ahead of his original interview with the BBC, Robert Kelly would have been thoroughly prepared on all interview topics in South Korean politics, but he was not prepared at all for his kids to arrive. Appearing with four-year-old Marion and nine-month-old James, as well as his wife Jung-a Kim, Robert Kelly conducted a second interview with James Menendez, the BBC journalist with whom he was speaking that fateful day.

Although Robert and Jung-a eventually saw the funny side of the interview gatecrash, with Robert saying he could see “why people found it enjoyable”, both parents admitted they were “worried” that the BBC would never call again after the mishap.Some people speculated that Robert’s reluctance to move the kids himself was because he was not appropriately dressed to stand up on camera, but Robert Kelly assured viewers back home that he was indeed wearing trousers when the incident occurred.Robert has been the BBC’s correspondent on South Korean politics, offering comment on the political corruption that surrounded Park Gun-hye leading up to her impeachment, but it’s good to know the producers at the BBC saw the funny side. Speaking about the “comedy of errors” after the incident with the Wall Street Journal, Robert said that he’d forgotten to lock his door prior to the interview, and explained Marion’s adorable swagger that captured the hearts of millions online.“She was in a hippity-hoppity mood that day because of the school party. As soon as she opened the door I saw her image on my screen. Then I knew it was over.”Apparently, Jung-a and the two youngsters were watching the interview unfold live as Robert sat in his home office, but Robert’s wife didn’t realise that Marion had gatecrashed the interview until she appeared on the screen, and had to swoop in to try and rescue the interview.The video, as well as Robert’s follow-up interview, has proved massively popular online, and after Robert’s second interview with James Menendez, many people took to the internet to congratulate Robert and Jung-a on their happy family.Robert Kelly and his family have been delighted with the overwhelmingly positive reaction the interview has garnered, but Robert is also reluctant for his wife, as well as their young children, to become internet stars, and hopes that soon they’ll be able to return to a normal life.“Mostly we’re interested in this sort of fading to a manageable level.”Presumably, Robert will continue to correspond with the BBC on the rife corruption in South Korean politics. But regardless of how many more interviews Robert does with the BBC, I don’t think anybody will be able to forget the time his two children stole the show.


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