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The Best Cucumber Recipes For Refreshing Cocktails And Light Summer Meals

Two words: cucumber soda.

If you think a cucumber is just a cucumber, think again. Browse the markets this summer and you’ll find a variety of cukes are available — from short, plump pickling types to long, slicing, salad varieties. All of them are ready to be turned into a great meal.

While most of us eat our cucumbers cool and raw, sliced and served on top of salads, there’s so much more you can do with them. Like using them to makerefreshing summer cocktails. Or turning them into a savory cold soup. Or for pickling, naturally. It’s time to get creative with cucumbers, and these recipes are going to help you do just that.

1 Minty Watermelon Cucumber Margarita

Get the Minty Watermelon Cucumber Margarita recipe from Half Baked Harvest

2 Chilled Cucumber Soup With Yogurt, Cilantro And Coriander

Get the Chilled Cucumber Soup with Yogurt, Cilantro and Coriander recipe from Feasting at Home

3 Moroccan Cucumber Watermelon Salad

Get the Moroccan Cucumber Watermelon Salad recipe from Feasting at Home

4 Cucumber Vodka Soda

Get the Cucumber Vodka Soda recipe from How Sweet It Is

5 Greek Salad With Homemade Whole Wheat Pita

Get the Greek Salad with Homemade Whole Wheat Pita recipe from How Sweet It Is

6 Smashed Asian Cucumber Salad

Get the Smashed Asian Cucumber Salad recipe from The Woks of Life

7 Sparkling Watermelon Cucumber Sangria

Get the Sparkling Watermelon Cucumber Sangria recipe from How Sweet It Is

8 Spiralized Refrigerator Quick Dill Pickles

Get the Spiralized Refrigerator Quick Dill Pickles recipe from Foodie Crush

9 Cucumber Melon Refresher

Get the Cucumber Melon Refresher recipe from Half Baked Harvest

10 Turkish Cucumber Salad

Get the Turkish Cucumber Salad recipe from Feasting at Home

11 Cucumber Ribbon Ahi Salad

Get the Cucumber Ribbon Ahi Salad recipe from Feasting at Home

12 Creamy Pineapple Cucumber Smoothie

Get the Creamy Pineapple Cucumber Smoothie recipe from Minimalist Baker

13 Cucumber Delight Cocktail

Get the Cucumber Delight Cocktail recipe from Foodie Crush

14 Cucumber Satay Crunch Salad

Get the Cucumber Satay Crunch Salad recipe from Naturally Ella

15 Cucumber Martini

Get the Cucumber Martini recipe from Foodie Crush

16 Cucumber Quinoa Salad With Feta

Get the Cucumber Quinoa Salad with Feta recipe from Naturally Ella

17 Cucumber Salad With Tahini Yogurt Sauce

Get the Cucumber Salad with Tahini Yogurt Sauce recipe from Alexandra Cooks

18 Cucumber Margarita

Get the Cucumber Margarita recipe from A Beautiful Mess

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