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The Internet Reacts To Kellyanne Conway Getting Too Comfortable In The Oval Office

President Trump’s tenure in the White House has given commentators plenty to discuss thus far; polarising policy decisions, perceived mistakes in rally speeches, Michael Flynn’s alleged conversations with the Russian Ambassador. It is a long and varied list of topics that have been dissected by the world’s media, but up until now I’m pretty sure that White House furniture had not made its way onto that list.

Well, it has now, after photos of Kellyanne Conway getting very comfortable on a couch in the Oval Office emerged, leading, inevitably, to some priceless reactions on the internet.

Kellyanne Conway, who holds the title of Counsellor to the President, having been campaign manager for the Trump team in the run up to last year’s election, was pictured with her feet up on the Oval Office couch, prompting a backlash on Twitter, with some users perceiving her actions as disrespectful to the office and other great presidents who have occupied the White House.

Some were just plain disgruntled by Conway’s actions

While others found humour in the situation

Another user took something rather more poignant away from the images

Others referenced the fictitious ‘Bowling Green Massacre’  mistakenly cited by Conway

Some seemed to think that the images undermined the purported purpose of the meeting

The President’s meeting was intended as a discussion with leaders of historically black colleges and universities over his administrations’ support for such institutions, the BBC reports.

Mrs Conway has been criticised of late for a string of blunders, including citing the “Bowling Green Massacre”, an event which had not, in fact, occurred, and promoting Ivanka Trump’s clothing products on television, which led to calls for an investigation into whether ethics laws had been violated by the Counsellor to the President.

Meanwhile, President Trump has appeared to suggest that Barack Obama could be behind some of the leaks of information and protests that have plagued his presidency thus far, CNN reported today. Trump’s first weeks as President have been tempestuous, with mass protests and court blocks derailing his proposed migrant ban on seven countries from entering the United States, and seemingly misinformed comments on world events, such as a non-existent terror-attack on Sweden drawing criticism from political commentators.

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