The Sony World Photography Awards bring us the most awe-inspiring photos from around the globe every year, and 2017’s freshly announced winners are sure to leave you speechless.

The competition hands awards out to 4 different categories; Professional (body of work), open (single images), youth (photographers aged 12-19), and student focus. National Awards are also presented to one photo from each participating country. Depending on the category, winners take home cash prizes, Sony digital imaging equipment, and the opportunity the have their photo featured in an exhibition. Sony’s 2017 exhibition for winning photos is set to take place in London.

See if your favourites from the shortlist ended up winning below, and vote for the ones that deserved it most. You can also check out our posts about the winners from 2013, 2014, and the 2015 shortlist.

More info: Sony World Photography Awards 2017

 #1 Jonatan Banista, Central America National Award

Jonatan Banista, Central America National Award

 Cautelosa / Cautious. Taken on June 12, 2016, while working in the field, this iguana was near a small creek had done several reptile shots until I got this one.

Jonatan BanistaReport

Khalid Alsabat, Saudi Arabia National Award

 Alsabat captured this image of an elderly fisherman casting his net in Yangzhou, China.

Khalid AlsabatReport

Camilo Diaz, Colombia National Award

 Submerged field. Everyday aims towards a collective goal. The Colombian national team is immersed in white, grey, and black, fighting together for the ultimate position. With accredited prestige, an invitation was sent to participate in the European Junior Championship, as a guest team. Ana Maria and her team are constantly fighting, pushing their lungs to the limit and transforming their everyday lack of resources to an idea of opportunity. The… Read More

Camilo DiazReport

Petar Sabol, Croatia National Award

 This image titled Swirl was shot at the beginning of 2016. at local pond near Palovec. It shows the moment a small bird kingfisher flies out of water with a little fish in his beak.

Petar SabolReport

Jelena Jankovic, Serbia National Award

 EXIST. The year 2016. reminds me the time in which selfie culture determines our existence if we were somewhere or doing something. The photo was taken at a concert Massive Attack in Pula/Croatia.

Jelena JankovicReport

Andreas Hemb, Sweden National Award

 Andreas HembReport

Peter Svoboda, Slovakia National Award

 Light from above. The picture “Light from above” was taken in September 2016 in Santa Maddalena, Dolomiten, Italy. Beautiful light and humidity stood behind the nice play of light and shadows that morning. I was waiting as the small church was illuminated by the very first rays of Sun.
#8 Shashanka Chitrakar, Nepal National Award

Shashanka Chitrakar, Nepal National Award

 Shashanka ChitrakarReport

Homare Hamada, Japan National Award

Hamada captured the full trajectory launch of the Stork rocket by using long exposure.

Daria B 20 minutes ago

Looks perfect for a film company’s logo… O_o (And, of course, it’s beautiful. Felt the need to point that out because my reaction could be taken either the positive and negative way ♥ )

Alexander Vinogradov, Russian Federation

 Mathilda. Inspired by the movie Leon. Model: Anastasiya Marinina.

Alexander VinogradovReport

Alessandra Meniconzi, Switzeland National Award

 Meniconzi captured this image of a flock of flamingos in the shallow waters of Walvis Bay, on the Namibian coast in Summer 2016.

Alessandra MeniconziReport

Deveni Nishantha Manjula, Sri Lanka National Award

 Sleeping beauty. During a game drive in Lake Nakuru national park in September 2016 we noticed this lioness on a tree. With the reputation of tree climbing lions in Lake Nakuru we were not surprised to see this lioness on the tree. With the light levels depleting quickly due to adverse weather conditions I made this picture to show the environment of the subject.

Deveni Nishantha ManjulaReport

Jianguo Gong, China National Award

 Tai Chi. December 10, 2016. Wuhan city in Hubei Province, the Yangtze River, more than 1 thousand and 300 people practicing taijiquan.

Jianguo GongReport

Firos Syed, Qatar National Award

 Firos SyedReport

Josselin Cornou, France National Award

 Tabular iceberg. In March 2016, I headed to the Antarctic Peninsula, as part of an expedition with explorer Robert Swan. On our way to the 66th parallel south, our boat was navigating in silence through 30 meter (100 feet) high tabular icebergs that were once part of the Larsen Ice Shelf. Those mesmerizing structures were displaying subzero icy corridors, forming a highly photogenic gargantuan maze. The scene was magnificent, but… Read More

Josselin CornouReport

Kyaw Win Hlaing, Myanmar National Award

 This image was taken at Sadan Cave, Pahan township, Karin State in Myanmar.

Kyaw Win HlaingReport

Constantinos Sofikitis, Greece National Award

 Halloween Protagonists. Halloween in NYC, one of the world’s most unique parades and the spookiest holiday in the fall.

Constantinos SofikitisReport

Ales Komovec, Slovenia National Award

 Ales KomovecReport

Jim Chen, Taiwan National Award

 Jim ChenReport

Alex Andriesi, Romania National Award

 Alex AndriesiReport

Simona Nalepkova, Czech Republic National Award

 Simona NalepkovaReport

Tadas Kazakevicius, Lithuania National Award

 Tadas KazakeviciusReport

Ivan Miladinov, Bulgaria National Award

 Ivan MiladinovReport

Katerina Annenkova, Latvia National Award

 Katerina AnnenkovaReport

Cesar Augusto Gaitan Cortez, Ecuador National Award

 Cesar Augusto Gaitan CortezReport

Antti Hallakorpi, Finland National Award

 Antti HallakorpiReport

Jian Seng Soh, Malaysia National Award

 Jian Seng SohReport

Shabir Mian, Pakistan National Award

 Shabir MianReport

Annela Samuel, Estonia National Award

 Annela SamuelReport

Zani Arkadina, Ukraine National Award

 Zani ArkadinaReport

Mustafa Jindi, Uae National Award

 Transportation. I took this photo in Abu Dhabi, at one of past September morning days, a painting on the wall grabbed my attention, due to it represents UAE past culture. It made me bring my son, dress him with the Local traditional outfit that he loves the most, and made him play around with his tiny car under; the paint, which reflects the great progress and innovation, that UAE witnessed… Read More

Mustafa JindiReport

Santos Moreno Villar, Spain National Award

 Santos Moreno VillarReport

Ewa Cwikla, Netherlands National Award

 Ewa CwiklaReport

Mohammad Amir Hamja, Bangladesh National Award

 Mohammad Amir HamjaReport

Carloman Macidiano Cespedes Riojas, Peru National Award

Algo casual 2. This image is a criticism of modern relationships and the distance between human beings in their daily interactions.
#36 Ngoc Mai Nguyen, Vietnam National Award

Ngoc Mai Nguyen, Vietnam National Award

 Ngoc Mai NguyenReport

Lester Koh, Singapore National Award

 Lester has captured this image of one of Singapore’s Oldest Public housing buildings. He shot the picture at dawn on Singapore’s 51st National Day in August 2016.

Lester KohReport

Tim Cornbill, Uk National Award

 Concrete Circle. Having just arrived in Berlin on a bright summer’s day, my wife and I decided to take a morning walk along the River Spree. We soon came across a large concrete building, and I was immediately struck by its geometry and scale. Across the river, I positioned myself for a single point perspective and waited for the right moment to capture it. A couple came into the viewfinder… Read More

Tim CornbillReport

Miriam Strong, New Zealand National Award

 Miriam StrongReport

Edina Csoboth, Hungary National Award

Edina CsobothReport
#41 Ralph Graf, Germany National Award

Ralph Graf, Germany National Award

 Gassing Up At Roy’s. Roy’s Cafe, gas station and motel in Amboy, California. Part of my series “Roadside America”. This photo was taken at the Historic Route 66.

Ralph GrafReport

Francisco Ubilla, Chile National Award

 Shot from above Ubilla captured this woman at the central post offices of Chile.

Francisco UbillaReport

Katrijn Van Giel, Belgium National Award

 Katrijn Van GielReport

Argus Paul Estabrook, Usa National Award

 Argus Paul EstabrookReport

Luis Godinho, Portugal National Award

 Luis GodinhoReport

Chun Kin Tong, China National Award

 Chun Kin TongReport

Arek Rataj, Poland National Award

 Arek RatajReport

Henning S. Pettersen, Norway National Award

 Henning S. PettersenReport

Mark Vicente, Philippines National Award

 Mark VicenteReport

Fajar Kristianto, Indonesia National Award

Fajar KristiantoReport

Harley Yang, Canada National Award

 Harley YangReport

Tania Franco Klein, Mexico National Award

 Tania Franco KleinReport

Lise Johansson, Denmark National Award

 The series Hearth explores what it means to feel at home. The inspiration for the work came from the personal experience of Johansson returning to Denmark after many years of living abroad and realising he had lost the warm sense of belonging I once he had. This feeling of loss can be felt when viewing the photograph.

Lise JohanssonReport

Polpich Komson, Thailand National Award

 Polpich KomsonReport

Julian Walkner, Austria National Award

 Julian WalknerReport

Seung Jong Lee, Republic Of Korea National Award

 Los Angeles 2016. Los Angeles Street Photography.

Seung Jong LeeReport

Nikunj Rathod, India National Award

 Nikunj RathodReport

Alexander Vinogradov, Russian Federation National Award

 Alexander VinogradovReport
#59 Austin Odunga, Kenya National Award

Austin Odunga, Kenya National Award

 Austin OdungaReport

Bernard Ward, Ireland National Award

 Bernard WardReport

Ly Min, Cambodia National Award

 Ly MinReport

Jose Maria Perez Nunez, Argentina National Award

 Jose Maria Perez NunezReport

Evan George, Australia National Award

 Evan GeorgeReport

Mohamed Roushdy El Dor, Egypt National Award

 Mohamed Roushdy El dorReport

Emrah Karakos, Turkey National Award

 Emrah KarakocReport