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There’s A Way You Can Avoid Read Receipts On Facebook Messenger

We’ve all been there. Every single one of us finds ourselves stuck in a conversation that we weren’t that into in the first place. All you want to do is end it, move on with your life and escape the seemingly endless cycle of a conversation you’d just rather not have got involved in.
Ideally, though, you’d like to do this without offending your conversational counterpart too much. Simply telling them that the conversation is boring you to sleep and that you’d rather watch paint dry than spend another minute on it is far too harsh to be socially acceptable.

There are innumerable reasons for wanting to avoid someone officially knowing that you have read their message – maybe you don’t want to appear too keen to a crush, possibly you’d like to end a boring conversation with a distant relative with whom you have practically nothing in common. Whatever the reason, I am willing to bet that there has been more than one occasion that you’ve wished there was a way to read a message without the other person being made aware of it. Allow me to tell you how.
Unfortunately, unlike some other messaging services, there is no official off-switch for read receipts on Facebook’s Messenger app – which last year passed the one billion user threshold – however, it is still possible to achieve the incognito message reading of your dreams without using official channels.
One of the more well known ways of doing this is through changing your phone notification settings to allow you to read messages as notifications on the home screen of your phone, rather than physically go into the Messenger app and click on the conversation. Set your notifications to either “Banner” or “Alert” in your IOS settings and read your messages in joyful read-receipt free bliss.

Another method you might choose to employ is one we might refer to as the Flying Under the Radar technique: putting to use the wonderful airplane mode.

Here’s how you do it: engage airplane mode (sounds 007-esque already, right?), open your Messenger app and read your unread messages, then shut down the app – make sure you quit it rather than just close it – and then switch off airplane mode with a smug grin on your face.
There are also Google Chrome extensions available that purport to block read receipts, though the success of these is variable.
This is the day you’ve been waiting for. Now go forth, my newly trained Messenger aficionados, into the blissful world of read-receipt free conversation.


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