These 10 successful medical surgeries will make you believe in miracles!

Science is fascinating and so is the world of medicine. Doctors are evolving and revolutionizing medicine and surgeries with the improved technology. Presently, doctors can transform anything physically and can cure most diseases.

Just to think of that a few centuries ago, when we didn’t have the same intellectual insights and technological excellence as we have today, any minor injury or harm to the human body could easily result in death. Surgeons are now successfully undertaking difficult medical procedures that would have been considered impossible or magical earlier.

We can find numerous instances where successful medical surgeries will make you exclaim Wow! But some surgeries and medical procedures are no less than medical miracles. These successful medical surgeries will make you appreciate the good doctors more than ever and believe in miracles.

1. Superglue turns savior

This super strange case gives rise to a new super savior! Ella- Grace Honeyman was born with brain aneurysms, which led to weak spots in her blood vessels. The doctors decided to use medical superglue to patch up the holes and it proved to be one of the most successful procedures. She is safe and leads a perfectly healthy life now.

Superglue turns savior

2. Electrode treatment brings back the life of a man

A 38-year-old patient, who was in an almost vegetative state, had lost ability to communicate or coordinate. After an electrode treatment, his brain injury was almost cured and he was able to brush his hair as well as recognize and talk to his doctors.

Electrode treatment brings back the life of a man

3. Metal Model

Kstrina Burgess was only 17 when she got hit in a 70mph car crash. Even though she survived, she had a broken back, neck, and couple of more injuries. The doctors had to use 11 metal rods, plenty of pins and screws to make her stand upright again. She is as good as a runway model now.

Metal Model

4. Surviving without a heart?

We all know that one cannot survive without a heart but D’Zhana Simmons proved us wrong! Simmons’s heart surgery was unsuccessful the first time and she had to wait for the next transplant. How did the doctors resolve the problem? They found a solution wherein they replaced her heart with two artificial pumps that would perform the functions of a heart. This was successful and she survived that way for four months until she got a new heart!

Surviving without a heart?

5. Tooth implantation brings back vision

This is one of the most bizarre and complex cases in medical history, Martin Jones, a 42-year-old man suffered a serious eye injury when a tub of white-hot aluminum burst in his face and destroyed the vision of one of his eyes. Jones’s vision was repaired with an impressive and complex surgery of tooth implantation, a never heard before operation!

Tooth implantation brings back vision

6. It took 30 surgeries to restructure her face

When Connie Culp got shot on her face by her husband, her face lost structure and she could hardly taste, smell or even talk. Fortunately, surgeons took extensive care and after 30 surgeries, they were able to restructure her face. Finally, she is now able to smell, taste her food, and talk too.

It took 30 surgeries to restructure her face

7. A Man’s hand was reattached, who was attacked by a shark

Glenn Orgias was attacked by a huge white shark while he was surfing at Sydney’s Bondi Beach. The attack left his hand half detatched from his body. Luckily, he reached the emergency room on time and the doctors had a chance to reattach his hand safely. This indeed is one of the most successful medical surgeries in the history of mankind!

A Man’s hand was reattached,

8. A woman gave birth twice!

Keri and Chad’s baby was diagnosed with the tumor before her birth. The doctors were not quite sure about how to fix this issue. However, they removed 80% of the baby from the womb, surgically removed the tumor and finally returned the baby into the womb. Amazing, isn’t it!

A woman gave birth twice!

9. A half split man was able to walk again

This case is actually amazing. Pend Shulin’s torso was split but an excellent team of 20 doctors secured his torso with a skin grafting procedure by using skin from his head. This is another case of successful medical surgeries as he was able to walk again with the help of bionic legs.

A half split man was able to walk again

10. A boy’s cutoff head was reattached

This is nothing less than a medical miracle. Jordon Taylor survived a car crash in 2008, which led to his head getting detached. Surgeons incredibly reattached his head by using some titanium rods and metal plates.

Weren’t these cases just miracles? Medical miracles truly! Hope these successful medical surgeries will reinstate your belief in medicine and make you appreciate your doctors even more.

A boy’s cutoff head was reattached

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