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These Hacks Will Dramatically Boost The Charging Speed Of Your iPhone

Smartphones are probably one of the most useful gadgets ever invented; so much so, it’s pretty hard to remember what life was like without them. I completely rely on my iPhone to get me through the day, and need all of its apps to function at a level close to that of other human beings. Without it, I would be like a puppy let off its leash – completely vulnerable to all the dangers of the big, wide world; if not for the likes of Uber and Google Maps, I’d be a dead man.
The only problem I have is that most of the time, my iPhone is running on about 20 percent battery power. It’s one of the most frustrating things ever; it lasts from when I first wake up in the morning until about half past six in the afternoon, before it shuts down completely – usually when I’m about to get an important message from someone.

Trying to squeeze a few more precious minutes of extra battery life out of your smartphone really is an exercise in frustration. Where does all that power go? What the heck makes it deplete from 100 percent to almost nothing in such a short space of time, particularly when it’s just sitting there idle? If only there was a way to make it last a little bit longer.
Luckily, we’ve managed to discover some useful hints and tips to boost your battery life and save your power for longer; all it takes is a bit of technical know-how and some jiggery-pokery, so pay close attention to our sage advice.
1. Turn off push notifications

For those of you who don’t know, push notifications are notifications that are sent by apps to your phone, so anything sent from WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Tinder, whatever, will show up on your phone. This means that your phone is never technically resting – it’s always active. If you go into your phone’s setting and turn these off, then you can save yourself from using excess energy.

2. Put your phone on flight mode

Airplane mode is usually reserved for when you’re travelling by air, and will suspend radio-frequency signal transmission by your device, thereby disabling Bluetooth, cellular, and WiFi communication. Although this means that you won’t receive any updates or texts, it does mean that you can keep your phone on for longer.

3. Keep your phone somewhere cool

All hardware needs to be kept cool to work properly, otherwise the device could overheat and, in extreme cases, melt its own circuitry from the inside. When a phone is too hot, it has to work overtime to keep cool, so when you can, take your phone out of your pocket, try not to sit on it, and keep it somewhere chilled in order to conserve its power.

4. Invest in a good charger

I can’t stress this last point enough: there are a variety of shoddily-made knock-off chargers sold by disreputable vendors. Sure, they might be a little cheaper and easier to get your hands on, but they’re no substitute to one actually made by Apple. Use knock-off chargers in an emergency when there are no other alternatives, but don’t rely on them exclusively.
5. Turn the brightness down

Keeping your phone’s screen on the highest possible brightness setting 24/7 is a massive strain on your phone’s battery (not to mention your eyes), which is why it’s a sound idea to dial it down a little bit. Go into your phone’s settings and dim the light emanating from your screen. That’ll ensure that your battery lasts even longer.

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