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This Female Fitness Blogger Is Using Her Online Popularity To Support Hairy Arms And Legs

The issue of body hair and what to do with it is a fevered point of discussion for many women. Advocates of the razor will say that growing out their armpit or leg hair is unsightly or unhygienic, while those who choose to go unshaven argue that it’s natural, and that women should be free to wear hair as they please. Both of these camps present interesting points, but one blogger has planted her flag firmly in the no-shave camp.

At the outset of 2016, Morgan Mikenas decided to stop shaving her body. She gives tips to her followers on Instagram on the finer points of fitness, but while she promotes strict diets and training regimes to 40,000 people, she’s a lot more liberal with the hair on her body. In a special address to her fans to mark more than a year without a razor, she explained the reasons behind her decision.
Addressing her YouTube fans with a special video, Morgan told us why she doesn’t shave her body anymore, talking about a difficult childhood, and preaching to the internet about truly being comfortable with oneself.

Morgan’s decision and the reasons behind it have resonated with women on the internet and the YouTube address has since picked up around 400,000 views. Morgan revealed that at the age of 12, she was bullied for having hairy legs by the other girls at her school. She ran home crying and sought her mother to learn how to shave that very same day. Up until last year, Morgan kept her skin as smooth as could be. That was, until the beginning of 2016, when Morgan realised just how much time it took to continually shave her legs and armpits.

“I guess my number one reason why I stopped was that it just took so much time. It took so much of my time to get in the shower and have to shave everything and then wash my hair and then wash my body it’s just like another thing. I just, one day, was like ‘why am I doing this anymore? This just takes so much time.’ After I let it do its thing and grow out I just realised ‘oh hey this is kind of nice’. It started getting super soft.”

Before long, Morgan realised how much better she felt with herself once she’d stopped shaving, and realised just how much that bullying affected her in her early years.
“If I let my leg hair grow out in the past, I guess I would feel dirty. I would feel kind of ashamed, because I just didn’t feel feminine, and so then I would feel obligated to go shave my legs, so I’d feel good and feel sexy. But not anymore. I freaking love my hair. I love my body hair. I love the hair that grows on my body. I just love being my most natural and human self.”

While some people perceive female body hair to be unhygienic or masculine, Morgan says that there’s nothing better than “to be beautiful before someone else told you what beautiful is supposed to be”. That being said, Morgan doesn’t think that unshaven women necessarily have to be the norm, and encouraged women to do what feels comfortable and natural to them.
“I just think it’s unfair that people think they have to be in this culture norm. You just do whatever makes you feel good… I just want everybody to not feel ashamed of themselves in any way. You should feel good about yourself.”

There can be pressure on both men and women to conform to an idealised standard on how we look. Everyone, however, is different, and Morgan Mikenas is a firm advocate of just being yourself. After all, what’s more beautiful than being comfortable in your own skin?

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