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This Incredibly Talented 10-Year-Old Drummer Just Won ‘Denmark’s Got Talent’

When I was 10-years-old, I started learning the violin at school. Although the violin is notoriously difficult to master and I had the attention span of a goldfish with a head injury, by the end of the year, I managed to play a very minor role when the school orchestra performed the Mission Impossible theme that year. I was pretty pleased with myself. This incredibly talented 10-year-old, however, puts me and my musical skills to shame.

Over in Denmark, 10-year-old Johanne Astrid Poulsen just won this year’s edition of Denmark’s Got Talent, rocking her way through the competition and into our hearts with some exceptional drumming skills. Hailing from Viborg, Johanne channelled the likes of Rage Against The Machine and Led Zeppelin on her way to glory, and her drumming skills absolutely have to be seen to be believed.
With reality shows such as America’s Got Talent or Britain’s Got Talent, the majority of seasons are won by either singers or performing acts, and it’s rare to see a pure instrumentalist last until the final stages, let alone win the whole thing. Once you listen to Johanne’s fantastic rhythmic skills, though, you can understand how she got so far in Denmark’s Got Talent.

Sending the crowd (and the judges) wild with her drumming ability, banging along to famous instrumentals such as Rage Against The Machine’s Killing in the Name, Johanne clearly enjoyed herself out there, and smiled broadly as she gleefully blew her audience away.

Johanne’s mad skills got her all the way to the final, which eschews the judges entirely and leaves the identity of the winner completely down to the viewers. In order to secure victory, Johanne would have to produce a special effort, but teaming up with Danish band D-A-D, it’s fair to say that she produced that.

According to Danish station TV2, Johanne didn’t expect to win the competition, but win she did, with Johanne coming out on top ahead of the mind reader Mads Fencker. Once she was announced as the most talented person in Denmark for 2017, pocketing 250,000 Danish kroner (around $35,700) in the process, Johanne revealed her plans for the future, and rather than cashing in on her immense fame, this 10-year-old just wants to play the drums.
“I promise you, I got a shock. I thought it might be wrong… I hope I will get to play a lot of other places or get in a real band. I have not really thought about it, but I just know I have to play drums when I grow up.”
Johanne’s drumming skills have not gone unnoticed in the rock music community, and Mark Falgren, drummer for the pop group Lukas Graham, thinks this youngster has a bright future.
“It’s liberating to see a girl with so much talent in an otherwise guy dominated drumming world. I’ve heard her play a few times, and she has impressed me. She has a well-developed technique that you rarely see in people her age.”

With Johanne still so young, there’s plenty of room for this drumming prodigy to grow into an accomplished and successful musician. Whether she manages to be part of her own band one day,or decides to keep playing casually, I think that Johanne Astrid Poulsen has a very bright future in the world of music.

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