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This Is How You Can Find Out Who Deleted You On Facebook

Social media is a tricky business. If you’re not careful, you can end up obsessively checking your followers to the point where you actually feel pained when someone you barely know deletes you as a friend. I once knew a girl who actually broke up with her boyfriend because she was jealous that he had more Instagram followers than her. It’s a weird world out there, and people can take their follower count pretty dang seriously.

Now, if you’re the kind of person who simply can’t help but care about how many Facebook friends you have, and is constantly hoping to bump their numbers up, then I’m happy to inform you that there’s some brand-spanking-new technology out there which can help to take your social media obsession to the next level.
There’s a new browser extension out there that can tell you exactly how many Facebook friends you’ve gained or lost. In fact, it’s so detailed that it can even tell you exactly who’s done the dastardly deed and deleted you as a friend.

In order to install the extension for yourself, all you need to do is check out Who Deleted Me. There, you’ll be able to view a list of friends who have gone “missing” from your Facebook account. The clever little extension will even be able to tell you whether you deleted that person, or if they deleted you.
So how does this tricky little device work? Well, when you login, the app counts your current list of friends, and compares it to the list it had on file from the last time you logged in. From that, it figures out which of your friends has said a virtual farewell.
The extension is available for free on both Chrome and Firefox as a browser extension, and if that wasn’t quite enough to be going on with, you can also install it on your Android and Apple mobile devices. Please don’t blame me if the installation of this extension results in the loss of real life friendships or boyfriends. You have been warned.

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