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This Russian Guy’s Photoshopped Pictures Are Going Viral And It’s Easy To See Why

hotoshop is pretty amazing when you think about it. Although the image-editing software is usually used by self-conscious types keen to smooth out spots and blemishes, or to retouch something that can turn a good snapshot bad, the fact of the matter is that most people don’t know how to use it well. But if you want an example of a Photoshop master, then look no further than Max Asabin.

Max Asabin is a Russian Photoshop master who has thoroughly won the internet this week with his unbelievable finesse when it comes to all things PS. Max is a graphic artist and designer who has been using his expertise to transform drab and boring photos into amazing scenes and fantastic landscapes. Max has received hundreds of commissions to Photoshop people into cool backgrounds after posts on Imgur and Reddit propelled him to the front page. Scroll down to check out his amazing work!

1. A cool bookworm

2. Streets at night 

3. A very young soldier 

4. Post-apocalyptic 

5. A gathering storm 


6. Looking badass

7. The Little Mermaid 

8. The next James Bond? 

9. Grand Canyon 

10. A very dramatic kiss

11. Light the flare 

12. A frozen fairy 

13. Welcome to the wasteland

14. The sorcerer’s apprentice

15. Manhattan couple

All this proves that Photoshop can be used not just as a way to highlight or obscure a picture. Instead it can be a way to transform the drab and dreary into the vivid and radiant. But if you’ve got the skills then photoshop can also be a vehicle for some hilarious comedy.


Source: Viral Thread

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