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Wendy’s Fires Up Fresh Beef With McDonalds After Savage Twitter Burn

The Wendy’s social media team don’t take their jobs lightly. They saw a chance to troll a competitor and they seized it. It’s almost as if they were lying around patiently, waiting for the perfect moment to strike, and…It all began with this announcement from the official McDonald’s Twitter account.Little did the Quarter Pounder makers know they were about to receive a social media pounding of their own…Wendy’s swiftly responded to their competitor’s announcement with this sharp quip.This retort is the latest in a long-running rivalry between Wendy’s and McDonald’s. The former ran a string of adverts in 1984 using the slogan “Where’s the beef?” – a direct dig at the beef content and freshness of McDonald’s meals. One advert featured 81 year old Clara Peller examining a burger with a bit too much bread and not enough meat.In another clip, Illinois born Clara can be seen speeding around in her car looking for a restaurant that actually serves beef – another not-so-subtle jibe at McDonald’s.

This context was not lost on one Twitter user who pointed it out. Of course, the Wendy’s team was ready with a witty response.As expected, Twitter was watching these developments and loving every second of it.However, the battle of the burgers didn’t end there. Burger chain Whataburger also got involved.Soon after, Twitter users were calling for the chain to open up additional branches. I don’t know much about marketing, but having fans clamor for your competitor to open a new branch as a result of your promotional tweet does not sound like successful advertising.Still, the death blow was yet to be delivered. One observer mentioned that McDonald’s might have shared the initial announcement as an April Fool’s joke. Then Wendy’s came through with the KO.Wow. Remind everyone not to mess with Wendy’s. They’ve got beef for days. McDonald’s is yet to respond. I suspect this is one burn they’ll be nursing for a while.

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