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What happens to all the leftover food at the Oscars?

Renowned chef Wolfgang Punk unveils a fancy platter from his Oscar menu at last weekend's Academy Awards

At the many Oscar parties that Hollywood’s finest attend in the hours following the biggest night on the movie calendar, plates are lined with the sort of flashy gourmet feasts that would make even the most dedicated foodie blush. But with the diets of many a Hollywood star consisting of little but a rice cracker and a glass of still water, much of the food ends up untouched.

But before anyone starts yelping about “liberal luvvies” and their food waste, the fancy treats, often prepared by superstar chefs like Wolfgang Puck, ultimately end up in the mouths of those that need it the most.

“Wolfgang has been working with [charities] LA Specialty and Chefs to End Hunger for six years,” Oscar executive chef Jackie Kelly told Salon. “Right around 11 at night [on Oscars day], when we know it’s starting to slow down, and the celebrities have moved on, we take a look at what we have left. The short ribs we expect to be left over, because people only take a little bite. The chicken pot pie is always left over, and pasta.”

Food is subsequently packedup and distributed through the areas of Los Angeles, Arizona and Nevada, helping individuals residing in shelters and charities to a good meal. Chefs to End Hunger is also a year-round affair, but the particularly elegant menus of awards season results in an abundance of extra food donations.

This year’s ceremony was also heralded as a particularly charitable one as a result of Slumdog Millionaire actress Freida Pinto, who partnered with a “food recovery technology” company called Copia to distribute untouched food to those in need. Among the charities and support groups which saw donations of Oscar food included the Los Angeles Mission and the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

“Wastage isn’t glamorous, feeding people is”, the actress wrote on her Instagram.
Source: Telegraph UK
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